How can marketing help your non-profit?

Non-profit marketing agency

When you work in the world of non-profits you are constantly planning for the next campaign ahead as a means to creating new fundraising opportunities, reminding your donors the importance of giving and keeping the community abreast of the latest happenings and services that your organization might be offering. At MAC Media Services, we understand the community you’re trying to reach, we understand your needs as functioning organization – and, more importantly – we understand how to help your organization grow and prosper so that your organization can truly make a difference.

Where would we be today without the help of our non-profit organizations? When you work at a 5013(c), you are helping seniors, children, families and individuals throughout your community. The work is tough, but invaluable. So, you might be wondering – how can a marketing agency help your organization?

Help Recruit Volunteers
Volunteers are truly the bread and butter to helping an organization offer services and operate at the successful levels that it aims to be. But sometimes good, dependable volunteers can be tough to find. As a marketing agency, we can help you reach audiences that you didn’t know you had and strategize ways to retain volunteers as well as find new ones.

Fundraising Efforts
As a marketing agency with a proven track record of helping non-profits, we know that fundraising and driving donations is sometimes the only way to keep your organization afloat. We can help you come up with different marketing and campaign strategies that help drive donor memberships and create recurring donations.

Compliant-Approved Messaging
Many non-profit organizations have to stick to certain verbiage that’s been pre-approved by compliance agencies, as well as use certain branded colors, fonts and logos. This can sometimes make marketing tactics complex and tough to work around. However, with a marketing company that’s been down this road before, we know the process and can help make sure the work is done as efficiently as possible.

When you choose to do business with a marketing agency, it also allows time for you to get back to doing what you do best, like helping others in your community. At MAC Media, our team of professionals are passionate about helping non-profits succeed and even spend time volunteering at different non-profits in our communities. Give us a call today at 386-234-0233 if you would like to learn more about how we can help you.

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